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Detailed introduction of compact dust-free crane

2022-03-28 03:25 click:899
When carrying out "clean room" hoisting operations in electronic workshops, instrument workshops, pharmaceutical workshops, food workshops and other industries, clean room cranes can not only undertake the lifting function, but also meet the requirements of sanitary
Dust-free operation in life. Actively committed to developing and constructing innovative, safe, clean and efficient lifting solutions, KFCS has developed a range of cleanroom electric hoists for use in clean space environments. We select materials and parts to ensure that our products are free from all kinds of contamination. Our hoists and cranes are entirely made of stainless steel, with a fully sealed drive structure, the entire surface of the equipment is smooth and easy to clean, and dust can be removed at any time. With these clean lifting equipment, customers can easily minimize the risk of contamination and minimize the possibility of substandard products.
Space in a compact design cleaning workshop is always difficult to maintain and clear. The design of our crane adopts advanced design concepts such as modularization, and has obtained a hoist and a trolley with an almost extremely compact structure. The overall height from the top of the trolley to the bottom of the hook is also compact, yet can still lift the same weight as a conventional, much larger trolley. The clever design of the components enables the trolley to lift loads of the same height from different directions, providing the most ideal working space for drivers and operators. Using the above driving scheme, the scope of lifting and transporting goods by driving will be able to reach any corner of the cleaning workshop. Precise hoisting Henan Weihua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. Production and Design Clean room electric hoist smooth and precise operation ensures that the components avoid vibration and fluctuations of themselves or the environment. Even when it stops in mid-air, sophisticated drive technology guarantees total control of the cargo. A safe redundant AC control system keeps the equipment running without fail. Torque design and high-strength construction ensure consistent excellent performance from our equipment.
In response to the corresponding risks in the clean space, KFCS takes safety measures at all times to ensure the reliable performance of the lifting equipment. We follow requirements and standards to ensure that customers enjoy safe performance. With its ability to meet the requirements of various dust-free clean room environments, Kunfeng clean room electric hoists can be used in dust-proof cranes dedicated to electronic workshops, precision instrument workshops, pharmaceutical workshops, food workshops and other workshops with strict requirements. 
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