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Detailed process of polyurethane manual pouring

2020-12-31 01:34 click:654
Polyurethane manual injection molding process: firstly, there must be a polyurethane foaming composition for the production of the product, the production mold, the release agent used to release the mold during the production, and the color (the color paste added to the material and the paint sprayed on the surface of the product) ), flashlight turn (at 1500-3000 turn/MIS). The mixing cup must be equipped with heating equipment and weighing scale (electronic scale is best).
The above materials and equipment are ready;
  1. White material weighing: Put the foam cup on the weight balance, level it, add the weight of the expected white material, pour the white material into the cup until the balance is balanced. (You can use another free finger to press the balance to judge whether it is approaching the "target weight"), and measure the material temperature with a thermometer.
  2. Add black material: measure the temperature of the black material, add the weight of the preset black material to the balance, and pour the black material into the cup until it is balanced. (Grab a piece of soft paper in your free hand, press your finger on the balance to pre-judge the "end point distance", and finish the process of adding black material as quickly as possible), use soft paper to wipe the black material bottle mouth and put it down, free both hands, and the foaming cup on the left hand Squat down.
  3. Foaming control: Hold the stirrer with your right hand and put it into the foaming cup, and at the same time buckle the electric drill switch with your right index finger to start stirring. (Because the density of the black material sinks at the bottom of the cup, most of the white material splashed on the foaming cup wall at the beginning) With the left and right hands quickly change the inclination angle of the cup and the depth of the stirring head, so that the splashing material on the cup wall is also stirred .
        4. After stirring evenly for about 50 seconds, pour the foaming material into the mold from the foaming cup on the right hand side.
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