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Distinguish between bending restrictor and stiffeners based on application

2020-08-04 10:04 click:400
The market for polyurethane bending restrictor and stiffener can be differentiated accrodijng to application and area.
In terms of application, the market for bend limiters and stiffeners can be divided into cables, subsea risers, assembly lines, and flexible pipelines. The bend limiter is used to protect the flexible pipeline from bending and excessive bending during its installation or operation stage, during which static load will be generated. The bend limiter is used to support the flexible pipe on the free span. In the flexible pipe, due to excessive bending, wellhead connection, PLET connection, J-pipe outlet, rigid pipe crossing, and on the submarine buoy, the pipeline structure may be damaged. Unlike the bend stiffener, the bend limiter provides protection once the hose reaches a certain bend radius. Polymer curved restrictor elements are usually made of structural polyurethane.
Can be customizerd accroding to your needs.