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Electronic clean crane

2021-12-30 02:40 click:706
Introduction to clean cranes: lifting equipment used in a clean room that does not affect the cleanliness of the environment. Focus on controlling the amount of dust.
When carrying out "white room" material handling operations in electronic workshops, precision instrument workshops, pharmaceutical workshops, food workshops and other industries, Kunfeng Heavy Industry's clean room cranes can meet stringent hygiene requirements while performing lifting functions. And dust-free operation.
In the production process, we strictly select materials and parts to ensure that the products avoid all kinds of pollution. Our hoist is made of stainless steel, adopts Japanese KITO chain hoist, and has a completely sealed drive structure. The surface of the whole equipment is smooth and easy to clean, and dust can be removed at any time. With these clean lifting equipment, customers can easily reduce the risk of contamination.
The clean room crane is compact, safe, reliable, clean and environmentally friendly, and easy to clean.
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