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Factors affecting the performance of polyurethane rubber wheels

2020-12-10 03:18 click:704
There are many factors that affect the performance of polyurethane rubber rollers. Therefore, it must be strictly controlled during the production process to avoid affecting the quality of bad reviews, so that it can be better used in life. Can accept high pressure, high speed, high humidity consumption environment.
The molecular weight determines the density of the characteristic groups in the polyurethane rubber wheel elastomer; as the molecular weight increases, the physical properties of the polyester type can be improved; while the polyether type increases its flexibility, tensile strength and The modulus will decrease.
The percentage of isocyanate groups in the prepolymer: as the NCO increases, the hardness, tear resistance, tensile strength, and tensile strength increase, and the viscosity of the prepolymer decreases, which makes it easy to defoam and mix, but the elongation decreases;
If it is high, the curing speed of the compound is too fast, which is extremely unfavorable to the casting process. The equivalent ratio of the amine curing agent and the NCO in the prepolymer has a significant effect on the physical properties of the rubber compound.
Polyurethane rubber wheels have good chemical functions and are suitable for various types of inks and printing methods. It has special resistance to solvents in various inks, fountain solutions and cleaning agents. Experiments show that the tensile strength and wear resistance of polyurethane rollers are 3 times and 5 times that of natural rubber rollers. Compression, permanent deformation, good resilience, and the service life of polyurethane rollers is more than 3 times that of ordinary rubber rollers.

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