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Features of KBK light crane system

2022-03-01 03:21 click:759

Features of KBK light crane system products:

KBK light crane system have some of the following main features
1. High strength, good rigidity and light weight
2. From fixed-point transportation to high-accuracy multi-point, multi-beat automatic transportation
3. It is easy to install and maintain, and the standard modules only need to be bolted to use
4. Three specifications of cold-rolled profiles, with high strength, good rigidity and light weight, ensure the stability of the system
5. Easy installation, good reliability and economy
6. High stability and flexibility
Main material:
Omega Rail:
High quality carbon steel (Q235B-Q345B)
Drive pulley: MC nylon pulley, pulley finish machining
Surface coating
KBK track surface: shot blasting first, then anti-corrosion treatment, and then sprayed with anti-corrosion paint or plastic powder coating
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