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Features of Portable Gantry Crane

2022-02-18 03:16 click:711
Portable Gantry Crane is also known as economic gantry crane with the Max. lifting capacity reaching 10t. This movable light gantry crane is mostly used for lifting stuff below 3t, which can be used in situations that suspension cranes are not suitable for. This Portable Gantry Crane has unique modular design so that it can be simply detached into several parts for easily transport.
This light Portable Gantry Crane can be mounted with many kinds of hoists, meeting the demands of various functional operations for different tasks.
Features of Portable Gantry Crane:
1. Prefabricated standard modularization design makes it easier for transport and installation;
2. This light gantry crane can be easily installed and used on any flat hardening floor;
3. It can be used in many material handling situations;
4. It is very economical for a single unit work;
5. Light weight reduces the time and cost of installation;
6. It offers a safe operation environment;
7. This Portable Gantry Crane can work with manual hoist or electric hoist;
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