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Flat Object Overturning Hoist

2022-01-08 03:12 click:872
The flip hoist is mainly used for flipping flat objects. Such as large gear blanks, etc. The operation method is to hoist the overturned object, drive the vehicle to cause artificial sway, quickly drop the hook at the moment when the overturned object swings to the greatest extent, and drive to the field at the same time. Continue to fall forward under the action. At this time, the hook has to fall down along the way, and at the same time, it is necessary to drive the car for correction, so that the hook remains vertical during the flipping process, and the object to be flipped is just vertical or close to the vertical instant landing, which is the key to the operation of flipping. . The flipping operation is easy to damage the flipping field, so its use is limited by the conditions of the field, and it is not widely used.
The belt turning machine is to hang the wire rope buckle, so that the overturned object tends to stand on the side, and then hangs up and then falls to the ground, and continues to fall to the ground to press the ground, and the wire rope is still tight, and then move to the required position. Drive in the direction of overturning, bring the overturned object down, and drop the hook when the overturned object tends to overturn on its own. At the same time, drive as needed to keep the hook vertical.
The belt turning is actually using the method of inclined pulling to turn the object over. The inclined pulling object is a normal operation and is necessary in the process. The angle of the inclined pulling is generally about 30. Change the hanging method or take other measures, otherwise it will aggravate the abnormal wear and tear of the wire rope and its guide winding system, or even the wire rope skipping. The position of the center of gravity can be changed by using different hanging methods and placing sleepers under the object being turned over. During the operation, the hook should be kept as vertical as possible, because the wire rope is easy to jump when the hook is not vertical, thus causing an accident. 
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