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Flexible tube polyurethane bending restrictor used in any offshore working conditions and flexible tube cables

2020-08-28 11:12 click:509
Design and analysis of marine flexible tubing  polyurethane bending restrictor
Due to the differences in the environmental conditions of different sea areas and the differences in the mechanical properties of different flexible umbilical cables, the design of the marine flexible umbilical cable bend limiter is realized by specific design requirements and application requirements. It can be said that the bend limiter that prevents excessive bending of each flexible tube cable is customized production when it is statically applied. Therefore, every link of the flexible tubing cable bend limiter from design analysis to processing and testing needs to be realized by a set of specific guidelines. In order to realize the independent design and production of my country's bend limiter, it is necessary to integrate the design and manufacturing method of the bend limiter that can be applied to any marine working conditions and flexible tubing cables. To obtain the general design method of the bend limiter, the specific design requirements of the bend limiter must be put forward first.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.