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Food processing workshop clean room crane

2022-03-09 04:16 click:828

The special clean room crane for food processing dust-free workshop is used for material handling in the clean room workshop. The food processing workshop mainly adopts steel-concrete or brick structure, and according to the needs of different products, in terms of structure design, it is suitable for special food processing. Requirements, the steel structure also meets the installation requirements of the traffic. The space of the workshop should be adapted to the production. In general, the per capita area of the processing personnel in the production workshop should be no less than 1.5 square meters, except for the equipment. Overcrowded workshops not only hinder production operations, but also collide with each other between personnel, and the contact between personnel work clothes and production equipment can easily cause product contamination. The height of the top surface of the workshop should not be less than 3 meters, and the cooking room should not be less than 5 meters. Sanitary facilities in the processing area and processing personnel, such as changing rooms, shower rooms and toilets, should be constructed as a conjoined structure. The cold storage and processing area of aquatic products, meat products and quick-frozen food should also be a conjoined structure.

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