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Food purification workshop clean room crane

2022-03-08 10:53 click:747

Clean room and clean room cranes are a very important part in food processing workshops. In food processing, material handling is required, which is why clean room cranes are used. Food processing workshops have high requirements on the degree of purification and require no dust. No pollution.

Food dust-free aseptic packaging refers to the product that has obtained commercial dust-free aseptic state after sterilization, sealed in a sterilized container, poured in a dust-free aseptic environment, and the packaging container is kept sealed after filling to prevent re-production. Infection, in order to obtain a long shelf life without preservatives and without refrigeration, clean room cranes play a vital role.
The dust-free aseptic packaged food does not need to add preservatives, and can be maintained at room temperature for one to one and a half years without deterioration, which greatly saves energy and equipment; due to the short sterilization time of dust-free aseptic food packaging, the food It has less damage to nutrients and better color and flavor retention. In recent years, it has been widely used in the packaging of milk, yogurt, fruit juice, etc.
Dust-free aseptic packaging is divided into two types: large packaging and small packaging. The former has a packaging capacity of 5-220L and a maximum of 1000L, which is mainly used by food manufacturers for sub-package sales; the latter has a packaging capacity of 70-1200ml for market sales. supply to consumers.
Dust-free aseptic packaging includes four elements: dust-free sterility of packaging materials, dust-free sterility of packaging products, dust-free sterility of packaging environment, and complete sealing after packaging. Contains any microorganisms that affect the quality of the product, "complete seal" means that the product is sealed into a volume of packaging by suitable mechanical means, which can prevent microorganisms and gas or water vapour from entering the package. The clean room crane can transport the packaged food out of the purification workshop. 
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