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Hanging Load Turning Device

2022-02-24 04:19 click:594
Hanging Load Turning Device
Product Description
Introduction of flip machine
 is one of the most common lifting equipment on the market. It is widely used in many fields. It is mainly composed of beam, flip mechanism, flip spreader, center of gravity adjustment device and so on. When the workpiece is turned up, the workpiece is lifted and the drive wheel is slowly and evenly rotated. The rotating wheel drives the lifting belt or the chain by friction or card slot. The center of gravity of the workpiece is the center line. Is a more effective tool for effort. The turning machine is a new type of lifting equipment and lifting equipment, you can work around the clock, and can be a lot of reduced labor costs, improve work efficiency
Flip machine features
1. low noise, small vibration;
2. Carrying capacity, system pressure is small;
3. Lifting and turning smooth and safe;
4. High loading and unloading efficiency;
5. easy handling;
6. Stable operation, safe and reliable;
Model: KF-R basic type harness spacing is not adjustable
Load capacity: 1 ton -3 tons
Scope of supply: basic configuration for hanging crane hook crane, with control line, with flashlight (left
/ Right and emergency stop), 400V / 50Hz 3 phase power,
48V control voltage with CEE 5-hole socket.
product composition:
1.Hanging eye
2.Standard suspension
3.Short suspension (special accessories)
4.Steel outer shell
5.Drive wheel
6.rubber pad feet
7.Sling or chain
8.CEE 5-hole socket
9.Control line
10.flashlight door
11.Sling guide
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