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Heavy-duty polyurethane driving coated wheel sets from China

2020-10-23 11:09 click:666
With motor drive wheel set, polyurethane steering wheel, polyurethane drive wheel guidance, vehicle walking, loading and unloading operations and other functions, Italy CFR motor drive wheel series; American AMC servo drive series.
AGV motor drive wheels:
Assist in the completion of the AGV control system (control systems include: ground (upper) control system and vehicle (lower) control system), where ground control system refers to the fixed equipment of the AGV system, which is mainly responsible for task distribution, vehicle scheduling, and route (line) Management, traffic management, automatic charging and other functions; after receiving instructions from the upper system, the on-board control system is responsible for the navigation calculation, guidance realization, vehicle walking, loading and unloading operations of the AGV.

Can be customized accroding to your needs.
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