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High resilience and super wear-resistant polyurethane rubber-coated pressing wheel

2020-12-28 10:34 click:768
Polyurethane sun coated wheels, also known as polyurethane paper feed wheels or polyurethane press wheels, are mainly used in the leading edge of the corrugated box printing slotting machine and the corrugated box die cutting machine.
Because of the characteristics of polyurethane, such as high resilience, super abrasion resistance, and small permanent deformation, it is an ideal material for paper feed rollers. Polyurethane sun gear has the following characteristics;
Appearance: With a smoother surface, it will not cause the paper skew during the paper feeding process to achieve a stable paper feeding.
Hardness: Reasonable hardness avoids slipping during paper feeding, and can solve the problem of paper indentation.
Rebound: A suitable formula has the advantages of strong flexibility and small permanent deformation, which solves the problem that the sun gear will become an irregular circle during use.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.

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