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How to avoid wrong bending with polyurethane bending restrictor

2020-07-28 03:47 click:644
How to avoid wrong bending?
Sometimes, using hoses can be frustrating. You don't need to worry about the integrity of the hose when you finish the job. We provide a Bending Restrictor for the hose. The bend limiter moves the bend point away from the end of the coupling system. Instead of sharply bending the hose at the elbow connector, the curve can be softened, thereby prolonging the service life of the hose. What are the other benefits of the bend limiter?
      Long-lasting ozone-resistant mixed rubber.
   The bend limiter can extend the service life of the hose connection.
      Reduce the risk of premature hose wear due to kinks and hose tangent point fatigue.
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