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Identify the operating conditions of the KBK track

2021-12-28 03:05 click:711
KBK rail is in the vicinity of today’s industrial production. Not only is there a lot of transportation equipment, but also the production equipment and lifting equipment. The presentation of the lifting equipment not only ensures the safety of our operations, but also improves the efficiency of transportation. KBK rail is the main one. One of the lifting equipment, so what are the operating conditions of this equipment? How should we judge its application environment?
Operating conditions of KBK track:
This kind of equipment can now be widely used in workshops and the profession of intelligent robots. It cannot be overloaded when used. The regular weight must include the lifted load and the additional load. The local area where the equipment is used cannot exceed two kilometers. It is usually used indoors, and the indoor ambient temperature must be regulated. If it is used outdoors or in an environment with corrosive gases, protective measures need to be adopted.
Tips for KBK track discrimination work environment:
Identifying the operating environment of the equipment is the main prerequisite to ensure the safe operation of the equipment, and the accurate identification of the surrounding operating environment is also a trick that operators need to grasp.
Operators must grasp the tricks when judging the working environment. The first thing to do is to judge the wind. If working in the dark, there must be a satisfactory lighting system near the working environment, so as to ensure that the operation of heavy objects can be seen clearly. The condition of binding and hanging is also the place where heavy objects are placed. If the hanging objects are in the blind area of ​​the dead machine vision, the whistle needs to be sounded one after another during operation.
If the equipment is operating in rain or snow, the wheels will slip very frequently. At this time, the braking operation of the operation organization must have a relevant advance. When operating during the operation, the conditions of the equipment and wheels must be investigated; of course; During this kind of weather operation, there must be professionals to monitor and investigate the basis of the trajectory, so as to ensure safe and normal operation.
This is the introduction to the KBK track. I hope that these contents will let you know that this equipment needs to ensure the operating environment when it is in use. You should also pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment during operation and pay attention to your own operation. Method, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and work efficiency, and at the same time to ensure the safety of the operators.
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