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Intelligent crane manufacturer

2022-08-01 02:01 click:1076
Intelligent crane manufacturers' non-standard customized automatic cranes, unattended cranes, automatic crown block and other high-end automatic and semi-automatic crane systems.
Intelligent crane
The intelligent crane we produce is widely used in various fields, providing convenience for the production workshop. With the help of laser positioning technology, the intelligent crane can better find the position and accurately and quickly judge, so as to improve the accuracy of equipment operation.
The basic devices such as ultrasonic sensors are installed in the picking up device, hook and other components of lifting machinery equipment, so that the target object can be automatically lifted by using ultrasonic technology, with accurate position and fast operation. It is also possible to install laser technology, magnetic field changers and other devices in the lifting machinery, so as to reasonably control the swing amplitude of the object in the accelerated state and ensure that the object moves quickly and accurately. There are also near-field induction devices, microcomputer self diagnosis monitoring software systems, etc. installed on the lifting machinery equipment, which can reduce the probability of collision between the mechanical equipment and surrounding objects, improve the daily detection effect of daily mechanical equipment components, carry out regular maintenance, improve the operation quality of the equipment, and reduce the failure rate.
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