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It can be used to adapt to the design of bending restrictor components of various pipeline umbilicals and cables

2020-08-13 04:58 click:512
Application areas of polyurethane bending restrictor:
Flexible pipes, assembly lines, power cables and umbilical cables are usually connected to rigid structures such as subsea riser bases, PLEM or wellheads. In order to prevent these pipes from bending excessively at the interface between flexible and rigid structures, bend limiters are usually installed on the pipes.
When bending (or quasi-static) loads are applied to the pipe, well-known methods are usually used, and when bending stiffeners are more suitable, dynamic loads are usually used instead of dynamic loads.
The flow restrictor usually includes a plurality of interlocking elements that are hinged and locked together when subjected to an external load to form a smooth bend radius called the locking radius. Choose a locking radius equal to or greater than the minimum bending radius of the pipe.
Once the elements are locked together, the existing bending moment will be transferred to the elements and returned to the adjacent rigid connection through the specially designed steel interface structure, thereby protecting the pipeline from these potentially destructive loads.
A large number of elbow limiter element designs can also be used to adapt to various pipes, umbilicals and cables.
Can be customized accroding to your needs!