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Jib Crane Options

2022-02-17 11:24 click:858
Jib Crane Options
Typically we will just require a handful of details from you such as the safe working load of the materials to be supported and the desired radius and height. However, more complex applications may require one of our experts to come to your premises for a site survey.
Arm bracing options: Underbraced or overbraced
Slewing angle: This can be anywhere between 0-360°
Slewing operation: Manual or motorised
Hoist travel: Manual, motorised or pneumatic
Vertical hoisting operation: Manual, motorised or pneumatic
Articulated arms: For reaching around workplace obstacles
Environments: Indoor, outdoor, marine, explosive
Parking locks
Hoist canopies
Galvanised finishes
A huge variety of paint options
Delivery, installation, testing and servicing all available
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