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KBK electric single girder suspension crane

2022-03-01 03:11 click:703

KBK electric single girder suspension crane
Easy installation and light weight
KBK single-girder suspension cranes are composed of KBK standard components, enabling you to quickly and reliably achieve material transport in specific areas and precise positioning of various components.
One standard section or two standard sections can be combined into the main beam of the flexible suspension crane in parallel, making it effortless for new construction, expansion and reconstruction.
Multiple points, multiple beats
Application: Automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, electronic assembly, food processing, machinery manufacturing, warehouse and other industries, covering all kinds of material lifting and handling occasions from production and processing, assembly to maintenance services and warehouses. It is especially suitable for production lines with dense equipment, short-distance hoisting and frequent operations.
The suspension components of the KBK single-girder suspension crane are suitable for different plant structures, and can be simply suspended on the roof or superstructure of the building, which can save the space and area of ​​the factory, reduce energy consumption, and improve enterprise efficiency. It is highly adaptable and cost-effective. Low.
Safe and reliable
Due to the light weight of the equipment and the easy operation of the running trolley, the KBK single-girder suspension crane can easily move manually and can transport the workpiece quickly, reliably and accurately.
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