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KF-RE Single Type Turning Machine

2021-12-24 04:01 click:448
KF-RE Single Type Turning Machine
Model: KF-RE single model is used for linkage of 2 cranes
Deadweight: 3 tons -20 tons
Scope of supply: The basic configuration has a hanging eye suitable for crane hooks, with a control line, and a flashlight door (left
/Right and emergency stop), 400V/50Hz 3-phase power,
48V control voltage, with CEE 5-hole socket.
Turnover machine product composition:
1. Suspension
2. Hanging bolts
3. Steel outer cover
4. Drive wheel
5. Counterweight
6. Sling or chain
7. Control box
8. CEE five-hole socket
9. Flashlight [] and control line
10. Connection line
Selection table: TM-turning torque, TS-turning speed, W-self weight (excluding straps/chains)
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