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KF-RV manual type large piece turning machine

2021-12-24 03:55 click:756
KF-RV manual type large piece turning machine
Model: KF-RV manual type sling spacing is not adjustable
Deadweight: 1 ton -10 tons
Scope of supply: The basic configuration has a hanging eye suitable for crane hooks, with a control line, and a flashlight door (left
/Right and emergency stop), 400V/50Hz 3-phase power,
48V control voltage, with CEE 5-hole socket.
product composition:
1. Hanging eyes
2. Standard suspension
3. Hanging beam
4. Adjust the gear
5. Spring tightening device
6. Drive motor
7. Drive wheel
8. Chain or sling
9. Control box
10. CEE five-hole socket
11. Control line
12. Flashlight door
Selection table: TM-turning torque, TS-turning speed, W-weight (without sling/chain)
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