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KFCS cleanroom crane versus conventional cranes

2022-02-14 02:47 click:868
KFCS cleanroom crane versus conventional cranes
Every particle released from a crane falls downward due to gravitational force and the usual airflows in clean rooms. Both wear and particles disturb your production and impair the high quality of your products. The frequently installed facility for air exchange circulates air from the ceiling downward to a raised floor or to suction openings at the edge of the floor, inevitably bringing every particle down onto your products. Deleterious effects often become apparent only during final tests at the end of the production process. In even worse cases, the effects only appear once the customer has already used your product. This results in expensive recall actions and high repair costs. Given the high standards of your products, these costs are usually higher than the purchase price of a clean room crane.
The top priority during the development of clean room cranes is to avoid sources of particle emission, a requirement that standard cranes fail to satisfy in any respect. Many parts of such cranes emit particles continuously, and material combinations unsuitable for clean-room environments are a constant cause of wear
Particle emission of a non-clean room suitable crane due to:
Wear on the running wheels
Wear on energy supply systems
Outgassing of solvents on painted surfaces
Outgassing from lubricants where lubricated parts such as cables and bearings are exposed
Grit from cable or chain drives
Particles expelled from fans in the drives
We avoid all this with our clean room cranes and also ensure that your productivity does not just plateau at a high level but instead increases significantly.
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