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KITO clean Electric hoist sales

2022-07-15 01:41 click:922
KITO clean Electric hoistt in clean room is a clean room electric hoist used with clean crane, dust-free jib crane, clean KBK suspension crane and clean bridge crane. Kito electric hoist in the clean room adopts a steel wire rope lifting mechanism inside, and its shell is wrapped in stainless steel, which has the advantages of dust prevention and debris prevention.
KITO clean Electric hoist
The stable and accurate operation of the KITO clean Electric hoist in the clean room can ensure that the parts avoid the vibration and vibration of themselves or the environment. Even if they are parked in the air, the complex zone technology ensures the comprehensive control of the goods. The safe redundant AC control system makes the equipment foolproof. The very low torque design and high-strength structure ensure the excellent performance of our equipment
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