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Knuckle cranes help manipulator sales

2022-03-15 04:28 click:802

The folding arm crane assists the manipulator to load the intelligent balancer. The intelligent balancer is also called the intelligent hoist. It is used for lifting and handling materials. The assisting manipulator can complete the three-dimensional space transfer action such as heavy object grabbing, handling, flipping, docking, and fine-tuning the angle. It provides an ideal assistance handling and assembly tool for material on-line and production parts assembly. The power-assisted manipulator not only reduces the labor intensity of the operation and provides safe material handling, but also provides system solutions for special environments such as explosion-proof workshops and dangerous places where personnel cannot enter.

Under the easy operation of the operator, the power-assisted manipulator can complete many tasks of the complex automatic robot, while the production and use costs are much lower than the automatic robot, and the use range is wider than the automatic robot, and the flexibility and mobility are greater . It will play a huge role in the optimization of production in automobile manufacturing, home TV news, metal manufacturing industry, foundry aviation, paper making, food tobacco, glass ceramics, pharmaceuticals, chemical petroleum and other industries.
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