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Laboratory Cleanroom Crane System

2022-03-22 03:04 click:865
Laboratory Cleanroom Crane System
Laboratory cranes are usually used for the handling of materials in the laboratory. In the clean room workshop of the laboratory, the materials used in the laboratory are handled by custom cranes, installation of rail cranes, etc.
Laboratory cranes are used in clean laboratories. The main function of clean rooms is to control the cleanliness and temperature and humidity of the atmosphere that products (such as silicon chips, etc.) come into contact with, so that products can be produced in a good environmental space. , manufacturing, we call this space a clean room. According to international practice, the dust-free purification level is mainly specified according to the number of particles in the air whose diameter is larger than the classification standard per cubic meter. That is to say, the so-called dust-free is not 100% without a little dust, but controlled in a very small amount of units. Of course, the particles that meet the dust standard in this standard are very small compared to our common dust, but for optical structures, even a little dust will have a very large negative impact, so in the production of optical structure products , Dust-free is an inevitable requirement, and the requirements for laboratory driving are also very strict.
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