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Food Industry Stainless Steel Crane

2022-01-18 03:34 click:626

Every controlled environment is unique, and there are various lifting and hoisting solutions available for the food industry. When considering the appropriate design, it is advisable to opt for a custom-made stainless steel crane for your cleanroom to ensure that your food processing meets the necessary industry standards and requirements. It's important to note that these standards are not universal. Depending on your location or the type of food being produced, different requirements may apply.

200kg stainless steel bridge crane

KFCS offers custom lifting solution for food industry, lot of works can be handled in the controlled environment.

What makes stainless steel crane in the food industry?

• Easy to clean preventing the build-up of dirt, grime, and bacteria

• Maintains the freshness of food items and prevents contamination

• Is able to withstand nicking, denting, and scratching even in aggressive conditions

• Suitable for handling food containing spicy ingredients and strong colouring agents

For the food industry workshop, stainless steel equipment in the food industry are widely used in the food processing industry. Stainless steel overhead crane can retain its natural colour with others. KFCS food-grade clean room crane used in the process of food mixing, material handling, etc.

stainless steel belt crane

What about the cost of Stainless Steel Crane?

While it may be a higher cost initially to invest in stainless steel crane in the food industry, it could cost a company more in terms of scrapping batches of contaminated products, not to mention the possibility of regulatory issues, penalty fines, and even shutdowns.

In essence, stainless steel crane is a sound investment long-term which could potentially save the lives of hundreds of people every year who die from the effects of foodborne illnesses.

If you'd like to find out more about how stainless-steel crane can benefit food cleanroom work, or you’d like to discuss your next project, then get in touch with the experts at KFCS Crane. Contact us today.

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