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Maintenance issues that should be paid attention to when polyurethane coated wheels wear

2020-12-31 01:21 click:588
In the process of using polyurethane rubber rollers, problems such as peeling, copper breaking, and abrasion may occur due to improper operation or the influence of external factors. At this time, the first thing to look at is whether the degree of damage is serious. If it is a large area of ​​damage, it should be sent to the manufacturer for repair or replacement immediately. On the contrary, you can carry out maintenance work in accordance with the instructions or the guidance of professionals.
Next, I will briefly introduce the main points of maintenance:
1. The surface treatment is to roughen, decontaminate, clean, degrease and dry the repaired polyurethane rubber roller.
2. To repair the rubber roller, put the rubber repair agent hardener into the iron box, stir evenly (1:1) quickly, and pour it into the damaged part of the rubber roller.
3. Curing: curing at room temperature can be used within 4-6 hours, and the maximum strength can be reached within 48 hours.
4. Partial damage: first mark the contour line of the wound (should be slightly larger than the damaged part), and then use a professional angle grinder with a moderate grinding disc to polish the wound part until the surface of the damaged part of the polyurethane rubber roller shows a certain degree The surface is smooth and there are no protrusions. Secondly, you can clean the polished surface, and then brush the SC2000 mixture. After the first pass is completely dry, apply it a second time, and wait until it is slightly sticky but does not adhere to the back of your fingers. If the rubber damage in the wound area is too large, use a T2 glue gun to fill it, and finally paste the patch on the wound area. Try to avoid air in the process of pasting. It compacts and removes air bubbles.
5. Without effective repair materials, the rubber roller works under inconsistent local tension conditions, which will easily lead to damage expansion.

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