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Marine protection static hose bending stiffener

2020-07-20 04:51 click:781
The design purpose of the bending stiffener is to increase the local stiffness of the cable and the umbilical cord at the point of connection with the rigid structure, thereby limiting bending stress and excessive bending.
KFCS utilizes complete internal design and analysis capabilities to provide a wide range of stiffeners and connectors to meet the individual project needs of customers.
      The tapered design provides transition stiffness to protect the minimum bending radius of the cable or umbilical cord.
      Provide split and physical design.
The main function is to control the minimum bending radius of the cable and provide additional stiffness. We can provide various customized cable bending stiffeners to meet your project requirements.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.
More details please feel free to contact us!

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