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Medical Monorail crane - Max 2ton with Belt Hoist

2022-01-20 10:03 click:808
The medical industry is one of the largest industries and is expected to continue growing well into the future. Technological innovation will be key in this process. And that is where we come in. We offer innovative and hygienic cranes for your cleanroom that will boost your efficiency.
Aside from an increase in efficiency, the accuracy of our cranes will reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace. They are cost effective and innovative. And most importantly, they meet the hygienic requirements of the medical industry.
Medical Monorail crane - Max 2ton with Belt Hoist
A monorail crane with belt hoist, relocates objects and materials from one place to another, usually within a restricted area. And can be applied for all markets and is especially designed for linear transport applications.
A monorail crane hoist has wide range of solutions in material, working load limit and suspension type.
All components are made of steel, aluminum and stainless steel to guarantee total cleanness in controlled environments.
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