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NDI polyurethane coated wheels with high dynamic performance

2021-01-06 03:13 click:706
NDI polyurethane rubber-coated wheels have heavy bearing capacity and good dynamic performance.
The working environment temperature ranges from -40°C to +120°C, sometimes reaching +130°C. Oil resistance and corrosion resistance; stable operation; anti-friction and longer life in actual use; the color of the rubber wheel is natural, milky white or beige at the beginning, and the color gradually deepens with time and light, turning into brown-red or brown-black . The change of appearance color does not affect performance.
No pigments are added to the NDI rubber wheels during the manufacturing process. Ordinary polyurethane rubber wheels are made with pigments added to improve the appearance. In fact, this is unnecessary in industrial wheels.
On the contrary, adding pigments reduces the performance of the product to varying degrees.
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