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On site working condition of polyurethane bending restrictors from China

2020-08-28 11:48 click:699
The in-situ working conditions of the flexible umbilical polyurethane cable bending restrictor mainly include two kinds, one is the in-situ working condition during the laying of the flexible umbilical cable. The other is the in-situ working condition when the flexible tubing is in operation. In these two working conditions, the external load of the flexible tubing cable polyurethane bending restrictor needs to be considered. During the in-situ operation of the cable, due to its own gravity and external loads such as wind, waves and currents, it will produce bending deformation. This bending deformation will cause relative rotation between adjacent substructures of the bend limiter until they are locked. When the bend limiter is locked, the bend limiter will resist the external load together with the flexible tubing. At this time, the bend limiter is the main load-bearing equipment relative to the flexible umbilical cable. The external load it receives mainly includes the gravity of the umbilical cable, the gravity of the bend limiter, the squeezing force and friction caused by the deformation of the umbilical cable, and the wind, waves and currents. Torque and shear caused by environmental loads. In addition, the bend limiter also needs to resist the corrosive effects of seawater.
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