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Optimized design of non-slip and wear-resistant polyurethane roller

2020-12-31 02:02 click:706
The current new non-slip polyurethane roller belongs to the technical field of new roller products/application equipment.
The utility model of slip and wear-resistant polyurethane roller includes a metal core wheel, a bonding layer and a compound layer polyurethane surface, which are evenly wound on the layer metal wheel Through the adhesive layer, and the composite polyurethane layer is composed of the basic rubber layer and the filling in the basic rubber layer, using polyurethane particles, the current new type can significantly improve the anti-skid and wear resistance of the polyurethane roller and prolong its service life.
The current ultra-quiet polyurethane roller belongs to the technical field of luggage accessories, which solves the problem of loud sound when the existing luggage wheel is in use. The ultra-quiet polyurethane roller includes a main structure and a rotating shaft inserted into the center of the main structure. The main structure consists of parallel arrangement and sleeves. The two pieces of the tube ring roller are connected to the two roller parts, and the end of the sleeve that is joined to the inner side of the wheel ring and the wheel size is larger than the size of the ring. The roller includes a tread that is made of polyurethane material and absorbs sound. The sound absorbed is Set on the outer side of the wheel and connect with sound mute.
Connected to the rotating shaft by a silent bearing, the roller body includes a wheel part and an annular sleeve. The annular sleeve is located between the two hubs and has a small size. The main body of the roller contacts the ground through the larger wheel and the roller, and the contact area of ​​the wheel surface Small, so that the sound produced by the roller is relatively small. It is very important for the maintenance of the polyurethane roller, mainly to ensure that the lubrication of each part is in place to prevent chemical rubber products and all inks from corrosion under long-term application conditions.

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