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Pharmaceutical workshop clean room crane

2022-03-23 02:33 click:728
In the pharmaceutical workshop in the clean room environment, what are the strict requirements for the crane equipment to travel and fly? The goal of biopharmaceutical companies requiring GMP is to ensure the establishment of a scientific and strict sterile drug production environment, process, operation and management system to maximize the elimination of all possible and potential biological activity, dust, and pyrogen contamination, and to produce high-quality products. Quality, hygienic and safe pharmaceutical products. What we call biopharmaceutical purification engineering - GMP clean workshop engineering solutions and pollution control technology is one of the main means to ensure the successful implementation of GMP, and clean room cranes are an essential material handling tool;
According to the production process and product quality requirements, the production workshop is divided into a general production area, a control area and an area for personnel changing shoes, one and two changing rooms for men and women, hand washing, hand disinfection, laundry room, air shower channel, clean people flow corridor, Logistics cargo shower aisle, injection molding room, rubber pad blowing dust, intermediate storage, assembly room, inner packaging room, outer packaging room and computer room, logistics, etc. The computer room is located in the original small room on the third floor, which needs to be soundproof and shockproof; the cooling tower and cooling pump are placed on the third floor; the operating load of the equipment meets the floor bearing requirements, and the crane equipment also requires reasonable design.
KFCS clean room crane business covers precision instrumentation, aerospace, food industry, cosmetics, microelectronics, opto-magnetic technology, bioengineering, integrated circuits, medicine and health, electronic equipment, industry, scientific research and teaching and other high-tech industries to improve crane equipment solution. 
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