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Polyurethane bearing wheels for logistics automation origin China

2020-12-25 04:14 click:759
Polyurethane bearing wheels for logistics automation
Polyurethane coated wheels are used in different industries and have the characteristics of wear resistance, good elasticity, and corrosion resistance. They can also be customized according to the requirements of use for antistatic, adsorption, high friction and suitable for different environments.
The polyurethane load wheel travel wheel is made of Vulkollan polyurethane raw materials, which is a key component of the logistics automation industry. The product requires high wear resistance, high resilience, high hardness, and high-load working conditions to achieve long-life quality assurance.
Polyurethane bearing wheels, walking wheels, rubber wheels are used in logistics, intelligent mechanical transmission and transmission, sports simulation equipment, industrial automation, mining machinery, engineering machinery and other accessories. We can also tailor a variety of products with different requirements such as corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and temperature resistance according to the actual use environment of the customer.
The properties of products made with different polyurethane raw materials, different formulations and different processes vary greatly. The production of this kind of encapsulated products is more complicated. First, according to the use environment and product physical properties provided by the customer, our company's laboratory makes sample testing and comparison, determines the formula and formulates the process, and then puts it into formal production after passing the sample.

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