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Polyurethane bending restrictor that protects flexible pipes and prevents excessive bending during installation and use

2020-10-26 01:52 click:541
The polyurethane bending restrictor is used to protect the flexible pipeline and prevent excessive bending or bending under the action of static load during installation and use.
When any flexible pipe is connected to the structure, normal movement during operation or force generated during installation may cause catastrophic failure of the pipe at the termination point. This failure mode may be the collapse or rupture of the internal pipeline, or even the rupture of the external pipeline, causing the contents to escape into the environment. Over time, this failure may be due to fatigue damage. Our bend protection solutions will reduce this damage.
Main features of polyurethane submarine cable protective cover:
1. The polyurethane submarine cable protective sleeve ensures that the bending radius during the life cycle of the project is smaller than the minimum bending radius (MBR) recommended by the manufacturer.
2. Superior performance, providing a suitable force path from the tubular structure to the fixed structure.
3. Reduce the point load and reduce the load of the terminal connection point to an acceptable range.
4. Convenient installation, the half-type design allows installation after the pipeline is connected.
Application scope:
Submarine cables, fluid pipelines, flexible pipelines, umbilical cables.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.

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