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Polyurethane cable protection sleeves with marine protect solution

2020-10-26 11:07 click:595
In the harsh submarine cable environment, how does the polyurethane cable protective sleeves protect against seawater corrosion and not be affected by seawater? The polyurethane submarine cable protective sleeve provides excellent wear resistance and resistance to the umbilical at pipeline/cable intersections and other locations. Impact, while protecting the marine environment from impact.
Features of submarine cable bending restrictor:
●Haval structure is adopted for easy installation;
●The design of the dimensional guide head is convenient for construction to penetrate the pipe;
●The elastic buffer ring design can achieve close contact with the inner wall of the tube;
●The inner surface of the fixture has polyurethane pads, and a special structure is designed to improve the
●The direct friction coefficient and tightening fit of the submarine cable;
Bending limiter specifications:
Cable diameter: 50mm to 400mm;
Standard bending moment: 10kNm and 30kNm;
Standard minimum bending radius: 2m and 3m.
Can be customized accroding to your  needs.

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