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Polyurethane coated wheel have higher wear resistance than rubber wheel origin China

2020-10-26 09:39 click:722
Abrasion resistance is an important feature of most polyurethane coated wheel applications. The lower the wear resistance, the easier it is to manipulate the equipment, thereby reducing operator fatigue and improving equipment efficiency.
Polyurethane casters generally have lower rolling resistance than rubber casters. This is mainly due to the synthetic properties of polyurethane, which provides a more uniform material compared to rubber. The highly consistent mixture of materials provides a constant level of rolling friction. Secondly, polyurethane casters can be made of slightly harder compounds, up to 90-95 shore A, while rubber casters usually have about 75-85 sh A. Material hardness has a great influence on rolling resistance. The harder the material, the lower the rolling resistance. This is due to the deformation of the tire tread of the caster.
The main benefits of wear-resistant polyurethane coated wheels:
In use, the polyurethane coated wheel can make it stronger, more elastic, more wear-resistant, wear-resistant and tear-resistant, and have a longer service life;
Can make polyurethane wheels more durable: longer service life, less downtime, and increase the use time for enterprises;
The use time of polyurethane coated wheels directly affects the production of enterprises, optimize production to reduce operating costs;
Polyurethane encapsulation is more resistant to chemical corrosion: withstand the harsh chemicals required for cleaning;
Resistant to hydrolysis during use in the factory: It remains stable in the presence of water and moisture, and is adaptable to various environments.

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