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Polyurethane friction wheel for mine hoisting equipment

2020-12-25 04:07 click:840
Polyurethane friction wheel for mine hoisting equipment Polyurethane coated wheels are widely used.
Products such as friction wheels for mine hoisting equipment have high load-bearing capacity, high dynamic load, low permanent deformation, high wear resistance, impact resistance, and wide operating temperature range. This type of product will undergo spontaneous discoloration during use. It is off-white at the beginning, and turns brown-red after about a month. It gradually becomes brown-black with the passage of time. Natural discoloration is a feature that distinguishes this type of product from other polyurethane materials One, it has no effect on the performance of the product. The hardness of this kind of rubber-coated wheel is ShoreA90-98, which is suitable for the ambient temperature of -20℃—110℃; it is suitable for high load and harsh environment driving and load, and is widely used in the following industries: high-speed roller coaster wheels; logistics with high reliability requirements Conveying system load wheels and walking wheels; mine hoisting equipment friction wheels with extremely high load and wear resistance; automobile production line raceway wheels; special counter wheels for construction machinery shield machines, etc.
The production of friction wheel products for mine hoisting equipment is more complicated. First, according to the use environment and product physical properties provided by the customer, our company’s laboratory makes sample testing and comparison, determines the formula and formulate the process, and then puts into formal production after passing the sample. Such products cannot be put into use immediately after they are produced. They need to be stored away from light for a minimum of one month, preferably three months for the aging treatment, so that the product performance is optimal.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.
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