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Polyurethane materials are more wear-resistant and durable than other rubber elastomer materials

2020-12-24 11:00 click:986
Polyurethane cash counting rubber wheel Precision polyurethane rubber wheels are mainly used in cash handling equipment, such as ATM machines, sorting machines, cash recycling equipment, etc.
Polyurethane cast rollers have neat convex teeth with an error accuracy of ±0.5°, and the final grinding accuracy of the polyurethane tread is within 0.05mm, plus a neat appearance to ensure the accuracy of the banknote processing process.
The independently developed polyurethane material formula improves the hydrolysis resistance of rubber wheels.
The material formula mixed with BASF polyurethane as the main material ensures the stability of the material and avoids post-deformation.
Polyurethane material is more wear-resistant and durable than other rubber elastomer materials.
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