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Polyurethane submarine cable protection applied to the subsea marine

2020-08-21 01:29 click:712
As an important medium for power transmission, submarine cables are essential for safety and reliability during use. After the laying of the submarine cable is completed, over time, factors such as crustal movement and the delamination of the seabed will cause certain damage to the submarine cable. For example, excessive bending may cause the submarine cable to break.
The cable protection sleeve is a polyurethane split arrangement. Each part overlaps the next part and is fixed in place by a field-proven titanium strapping system. Within the overlap there are interlocking profiles, which provide the axial stiffness that holds each element together. This provides continuous protection over the entire length of the assembly. In addition, each module uses a radial keying arrangement, thereby increasing the stiffness of the system against compression.
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