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Polyurethane submarine cable protective sleeves and bending restrictor customization

2020-10-21 04:20 click:739
Polyurethane cable protection bending restrictor pipes are used in harsh subsea environments. The protective sleeve provides excellent abrasion resistance, impact resistance and environmental protection for the umbilical cord in locations such as rocky seabeds, pipelines and cable intersections. The cable protection system is a polyurethane split arrangement. Each part overlaps the next part and is held in place by a field-proven strapping system (with various options). There are interlocking contours in the overlapping parts, which provide the axial stiffness that holds each element together. This provides continuous protection over the entire length of the assembly. In addition, each module adopts a radial keying arrangement, thereby increasing the stiffness of the system against compression. The belt installed on the installation ship needs a professional tensioning tool. Each belt can be installed in 5 seconds. The protective cover is made of polyurethane to provide strong, wear-resistant components. As a standard configuration, the span of the cable protection sleeve is about 1,000mm to ensure that the sleeve is easy to operate at sea, but the length can be customized to meet specific project requirements.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.

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