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Polyurethane track wheels with low vibration rate and resistance to deformation

2021-01-06 02:49 click:777
Material characteristics of polyurethane track wheels:
1. Low vibration rate
The track wheels we cast are so balanced that there will be no visible or audible vibrations above 6500 rpm. Bumpy wheels will affect positioning accuracy and encoder ranging functions. A perfectly round, smoothly running wheel will limit the error accumulated during each rotation.
2. Not easy to deform
Except for the absence of vibration, the wheel maintains its shape. The team reported that there were no signs of deformation or creep throughout the test and completion period. If you have heard the term "flat point", you may know that polyurethane will have irregular contours after use. During use, because the material overheats and then cools down when it is parked, unwanted flat spots will be formed on the tire. When the traction on the track wheels is insufficient, these spots may also appear due to tire slippage or "peeling". This is a common way for forklift tires to deform, which can cause discomfort for the rider and inefficiency of the machine.
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