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Problems that are easily overlooked during the operation of fixed column Jib cranes

2021-01-19 09:52 click:745
 Fixed column Jib cranes are widely used, and some overlooked problems often occur in the actual operation process, leading to mechanical accidents from time to time. Let's understand that lifting operations must not be carried out in some environments with potential safety hazards.
The specific summary is as follows:
1. It is strictly forbidden to start operation when no one is directing or the command signal is incorrect; is strictly prohibited to operate when the mechanical equipment is defective or the safety device fails;
3. Lifting operations are strictly prohibited under overloaded lifting or the quality of the equipment is not clear;
4. Never lift when someone is standing on or under the hanging object;
5. The environment is dark and the optical fiber cannot be lifted if the object cannot be seen clearly;
6. Lifting objects with sharp edges and corners are strictly prohibited if safety measures are not taken.
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