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Professional Crane Manufacturer for South Korea

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Since the establishment in 2008, KFCS have focused our efforts in the marketing and supplying the following material handling equipment & its major components for our customers in the world, thus having gained splendid reputations in regards of quality and price competitiveness.

* Overhead Crane & Gantry Crane (500 kg up to 200 tons)

* Conductor Cable

* End Carriage (Geared Motor & Steel Frame)  

* Hoist (Electric Wire Rope Type & Chain Type & Belt Hoist & Synthetic Rope Hoist)  

* Electric Control Panels (Industrial Pad & Radio Remote Control)

* Pendent Push Button Switch & Limit Switch

* Hook

* Wheel Block System & Crane Polyurethane Wheel 

Here are the three main types of cranes and their respective features:

• Jib Cranes: These cranes are floor-mounted and have a rotating jib arm that provides lifting assistance within the radius of the jib arm.

• Bridge Cranes: These cranes can be ceiling-mounted, freestanding/floor-mounted, or hybrid. They are overhead cranes that travel on a runway and bridge (X and Y axis) to provide lifting assistance within the footprint of the crane runways and bridge(s).

• Gantry Cranes: These cranes are floor-mounted and typically travel on wheels along a track (or without a track) to provide lifting assistance.

• Chain Hoist: It consists of a motor, a wire rope or chain, sheaves, hook and cable drums. Electric chain block is welcomed for 5 ton hoisting, Widely used in monorail overhead crane, bridge crane, portable cranes and light cranes, etc.

• Wire Rope Hoist: A wire rope hoist is a lifting medium used extensively within environments where heavy duty lifting occurs, such as heavy foundries, factories and manufacturing plants. They provide higher efficiency due to their ability to quickly and safely move large loads with minimal operator effort.

Clean Room Hoist: Belt hoist and synthetic rope hoist are new design for cleanroom lifting. Adopted with high strength and no lubricated web ropes, belt hoists and synthetic rope hoists don’t attract or collect dust. Meanwhile, the technical innovation makes it possible to reinforce our values of respect for the environment and minimize the environmental impact of the product.

KFCS accommodates the unique needs of a wide variety of industries, including Construction, Manufacturing, Biomedical, Biochemical, Agriculture, Semiconductor, Food and Beverage, Transportation, Institutes, and Logistics.

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