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Recommend the practice of polyurethane material PU rubberized roller

2020-12-31 01:18 click:735
       The first is the one-time feed generation method, which is to feed polyglycol, diisocyanate, and diol or diamine at one time to carry out the polycondensation reaction. The convergence of the one-time feed generation method cannot be determined by the chemical reaction rate of the feed sequence program. Therefore, the selection of raw materials, the reflection temperature and the selection of catalysts must be evaluated in advance.
        The second is the prepolymer generation method, which is to first react polyglycol and diisocyanate to produce prepolymer. The prepolymer generation method is used to make a polyurethane material PU coated roller for production and processing, which can prevent the application of many organic solvents. . Because of its simple process and good reproducibility, it is the most widely used manufacturing method for roller conveyor manufacturing companies at this stage.
   In general, from the perspective of the production cost of the polyurethane material PU rubberized roller, the temperature viscosity is that the pre-polymer generation method is lower than the one-time feed generation method. Therefore, this is the key reason why most manufacturers will standardize the second method. The same reason why the roller is made of polyurethane material PU encapsulation is also because of its unique characteristics.

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