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Semiconductor dry grade clean crane

2021-12-31 03:43 click:637
Class 1000 clean crane is a kind of lifting equipment often used in Class 1000 clean working environment. It is widely used in the work of Class 1000 clean room. The semiconductor crane clean room crane uses the hoist as the lifting mechanism, which has a simple structure, good safety performance, convenient maintenance, and effectively improves the lifting height.
It solves the problem of difficult cargo transportation in the thousand-level clean room field, and brings convenience to enterprises that conduct industrial production in a clean room environment. It makes enterprises more efficient, saves investment costs, reduces labor intensity, and plays an important role in promoting the economic development of enterprises.
Requirements for safe operation of thousand-grade clean cranes:
1. Ensure that the goods bundled by the thousand-grade clean crane are firm and reliable, and the hoisted goods cannot exceed the rated load, and the hoisting point must pass on the center of gravity of the thousand-grade clean room crane.
2. When the Class 1000 clean crane completes the lifting operation, the hook of the Class 1000 clean room crane should be raised to a distance of more than two meters from the ground, and then the main power supply should be turned off.
3. When we operate the Class 1000 clean crane, we must turn on the power supply and check whether the components of the Class 1000 clean crane are normal and reliable. 
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