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Stacker traveling mechanism design-mainly used for DRS traveling wheel blocks

2022-04-13 04:06 click:629

Stacker wheels, stacker traveling wheels, and DRS traveling wheel blocks are mainly used for stackers to shuttle back and forth in the lanes of high-rise shelves. The wheels need to have high tensile strength, high elongation at break, and high tear strength. . Polyurethane encapsulation is widely used in load-bearing wheels of stackers. Polyurethane encapsulation can make the load-bearing wheels of the stacker have the characteristics of wear resistance, high tensile strength, high elongation at break, and high tear strength. Stacker travel wheels refer to the travel wheels of the three-dimensional warehouse stacker equipment, including stacker top and ground rail guide wheels, vertical travel wheels, cargo platform elevator wheels, fork support wheels and other multi-part equipment polyurethane wheels.

Design of walking mechanism of stacker
Roadway stacker is evolved from forklift and bridge stacker. The operating speed of the bridge type stacker is greatly restricted due to the heavy bridge frame. It is only suitable for warehouses with low frequency of entry and exit or storage of long raw materials and heavy goods.
Features of stacker crane walking wheels:
1. Fast and simple online CAD design.
2. Modular design, wide use.
3. Maintenance-free.
4. Install on the top of the wheel box as standard installation.
5. Sturdy, high-quality ductile iron cabinet.
6. Five precision machined connection surfaces and various installation methods.
The walking wheels of the stacker can easily meet the driving requirements of conveying, feeding, switching or turning occasions. Easy to install, economical and reliable.
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