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Stainless Steel Cleanroom Crane

2022-03-03 03:49 click:766

Stainless steel cleanroom crane refers to a professional special model that prevents dust from occurring when heavy objects are transported by a crane inside and outside the clean room, and can utilize the limited space inside and outside the room to ensure the maximum use space. In order to prevent dust from occurring, stainless steel plates are laid on the running surface of the wheels. At the same time, the materials of the wheels and guide wheels are made of engineering plastics. For the lifting chain, a sheath device that prevents the scattering of tiny flakes is adopted to ensure cleanliness in the clean room.

Stainless steel cranes are relatively common lifting equipment in clean room workshops, occupying a large share in the market, and are also a safe and reliable crane equipment. Stainless steel clean cranes can be used in many fields, such as optoelectronics, optics, food, medicine, aerospace, aviation, chemical industry, chemistry, electronics, laboratory photovoltaics and other industries. partner.
The development prospect of stainless steel crane
With the development of national modernization construction and the expansion of industrial production scale, stainless steel cranes have been widely used. As an important equipment for material handling, stainless steel cranes play an increasingly important role in the industry. However, as people's requirements for cranes become more and more strict, stainless steel cranes can not only lift goods, but also meet the needs of enterprises in different working conditions. Therefore, stainless steel cranes are also developing rapidly, and new products are constantly being launched. It makes the stainless steel crane more perfect in performance, excellent in quality, and better able to meet the needs of market development.
The advantages of stainless steel heavy machine:
1. Reduce pollution in the processing environment
2. Safely handle large loads in a hygienic environment
3. Reduce the corrosion of the crane on the surface treatment and metal treatment tank 
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