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Submarine cable protective sleeve for stabilizing submarine protection origin China

2020-08-21 01:35 click:568
In the harsh submarine environment, the cable protective sleeve on the rocky seabed, pipeline/cable intersections and other locations provides excellent wear resistance and impact resistance for the umbilical cord, and provides environmental protection.
The cable protection system is a polyurethane split arrangement. Each part overlaps the next part and is fixed in place by a field-proven titanium strapping system.
Articulated pipelines are used to protect and stabilize subsea power and telecommunications cables. The system has a powerful and reliable interlocking mechanism that speeds up assembly without the use of nuts and bolts, and also provides bending limitation and impact protection.
Main feature:
     Easy to handle, fast and efficient assembly;
     Innovative interlocking design, no bolt connection required;
     Increase the dynamic stability of the high energy position (cable ballast) by adding weight;
     Avoid cable wear.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.
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